Anat Ben Israel


This experiential professional Biodynamic Psychotherapy workshop is designed for body-psychotherapists, psychotherapists, and professionals from different therapeutic modalities who want to explore, and deepen the direct work with voice and the "voices within" such as the  "Critic"  as well as regressive work, in a therapeutic setting.


The human voice is unique, from speaking, singing and the ability to create a large variety of sounds. It connects between the inner world and the outer world and between the unconscious and the conscious levels.


Many clients are challenged with vocal expression of emotions. In the workshop we will observe and work with the body and its defense mechanism. The defense patterns may include held breath, constricted chest, contracted diaphragm, locked jaw, and held pelvis, to name a few. These contractions challenge the expression of feelings vocally like crying, shouting, laughing, sighing etc. Another challenge is speaking up, whether sharing one's truth, thoughts, speaking in public and more.


We will explore how humiliation, shame, insecurity, and fear can cause the "closing" of the throat influencing one's voice. We will learn about the connections between voice, tone and sound quality. As well how voices and sentences from early age of the mother and the father contribute to the "inner voice", i.e. the super ego and the critical voice which is part of negative self image.


We will learn various techniques for "opening" the throat, releasing sound and relaxing the jaw and diaphragm to enable energy flow, emotional expression, increased confidence and self-empowerment and how to work directly with the voice.


The theory, techniques and tools taught in this workshop are from Biodynamic Psychotherapy, the Gerda Boyesen Method.


This is the first workshop of two, (the second workshop will be in April 2019)  each workshop will explore different aspects of the topics mentioned above. They can be taken as a series or singularly

Tuesday 23 October 2018 • 10 am – 7.00 pm • £80

Highgate Library Civic & Cultural Centre, Croftdown Road, London N19 5DQ

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A CPD certificate will be issued.

Anat Ben-Israel has been working for more then 30 years as a Biodynamic psychotherapist,teacher and supervisor. She received her diploma in Biodynamic Psychotherapy in 1987 from the Gerda Boyesen International Institute, London, England.

After graduation she became a faculty member and an associate of The Gerda Boyesen Institute, London and of the Gerda Boyesen International Institute.

In the early nineties Anat Ben-Israel and Wolfgang Gerards (Biodynamic Psychotherapist and teacher) created their own school, with Gerda Boyesen's blessing. "Biodynamic Education of America" based in Washington State, USA. 

She teaches at the LSBP (London School for Biodynamic Psychotherapy) as well as in the USA and Israel where she has her own trainings.

Ms. Ben-Israel taught as a senior guest teacher at IPSB College, San Diego CA (International Professional School of Bodywork) and at Reidman College, Israel. She  has a private practice in the USA and Israel and is a yoga teacher (Alignment Based Yoga).

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