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  • Continuing Professional Development workshops​ for qualified therapists. 


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Introductory Workshop

Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy

Three Core Principles

with Carlien van Heel


This workshop is postponed, provisionally to 22nd & 23rd October

- to be confirmed

Two days of theoretical and experiential exploration for those interested in knowing more about Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy.


We will learn about the Three Biodynamic Psychotherapy Core Principles:


● Primary/Secondary Personality 

● Emotional Vaso-Motoric Cycle

● Psycho-Peristalsis 


We will get to understand and experience how these concepts relate to us.

The Spiritual Principles of

Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy

A Body Psychotherapy Workshop

with Anat Ben-Israel


Friday 23 September 2022 • 10am - 7.30pm •  £95

Tamil House, Broad Lane, London, N15 4AG


This experiential workshop gives an opportunity to therapists, mental health practitioners, students in the field and lay people alike, a space to explore the spiritual principles and concepts, which are at the core of Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy.


We will:

  • learn how the different properties of the spiritual principles and concepts support and guide
  • work with the body, mind and energy to reconnect with our primary personality
  • use processes mainly from biodynamic body psychotherapy which include energy work, guided imagery, movement, touch and breath.


Along with the earlier, Three Core Principles, this workshop is suitable for people who may be interested in enrolling in the Diploma Training in Biodynamic Psychotherapy 2023.




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Centre for Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy​


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